Sun Seeker App Reviews

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Excellent for gardening

I have a small section on the north side of my property that gets enough sun above the southern trees, but it is tricky. Using Sun Seeker, Ive been able to move it a bit and identify a few key limbs to cut. Great app. Ive also shown this to people at the gardening store and theyve lived it. A must have for gardeners in tight places.

Over the top

You will love it. :-) Most practical and easy to use. Great way to show people the suns transit and how it changes. So well thought out!

Sunlight for golf course greens

Excellent app to use when assessing sunlight hours on golf greens.

Handy for planning photo and video shoots

I do a lot of outdoor event photography and this app has been incredibly useful during location scouting to figure out where the sun will be on shoot day.

Way cool!

Ive used this app to figure out how to place my ornamental plants where the light will be the best, to find the safest places to park my car away from the when Im traveling with my dogs, and which windows need the most insulation in the summer and in the winter. Its also a way cool method just to see how the sun changes in different spots on earth as the seasons change!

Great App

I use this app for work. It is great and it gives me all the information I need.

Indispensable for photographers

Best app - map view works best. To bad iPhones dont have real compass. So in 3d mode its not very accurate sun bounces around in the big city. But still gives you an idea where it will be. I would not be without this app. One of the Most useful ones I have. Some of the address searches dont work either you need to do it from map view to find anything.

Incredible App!

Sunseeker is the best. We use it all the time for scouting. Its almost perfect - the only issue I have ever seen is that some times if we compare multiple peoples sunseeker right next to each other they can be a bit off. Over all its great though. I take screen shots with the sun overlaying the camera for scouting logs.

Awesome for a photography and camping

I totally love this app. Well worth it and very useful. Play with the sliding timeline bar and see how the soltice changes arc.

Great Utility app

This app is easy to use. It tells you all the basics. The 3D view overlayed on camera is great.

Nice app simple and informative.

Nice app simple and informative.

Love it!

Saves me a lot of waiting time. I can just arrive at the site of my photo shoot when the sun is where I need it to be.

iOS integration is amazing. App amazing in general

This is really one of the best examples of an iPhone application Ive ever seen. It thoroughly utilizes all the various facets of the hardware and user experience. The thing that really made me jump in and write a review was the way that integrates with iOS Notification Center. A small graphic that shows the position of the sun throughout the day as well as various geometric figures regarding this. I sincerely hope, and beg, that the developers do the same thing for the Moon Seeker app that they also sell.

Not worth $10

Its alright but I dont think its worth $10

Great for Cinematographers

Great app for Cinematographers tracking the sun to predict and plan shoots around the suns location. Definitely makes shoot days schedule a lot more efficient and easy on everyone!


Ive used this app for several years and it just keeps getting better. Its very stable and never crashes. The new date and time scroll bar is a big improvement. Im confident that a flat view scroll bar is planned for future updates.

Must have app for photographers and event planners

As a photographer who constantly has to plan locations for photo shoots, this app is worth a ton. I use it constantly. I just wish event and wedding planners would use it so they dont end up with bad lighting.

Love this app!

As a photographer, its great to look ahead at a location and date to estimate the suns position. An invaluable tool!!

Practically Perfect

All-around great app to track the position of the sun. Fast and accurate. Everything needed in a well-organized system. Especially like the calendar for planning.

Over the top

You will love it. :-) Most practical and easy to use. Great way to show people the suns transit and how it changes. So well thought out!

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